Baldness prevention programs

At Norgil capillary center of St-Quentin, you will find several prevention programs against baldness. Different products and treatments are offered to help prevent hair loss and to make them soft, shiny and healthier. Among the various treatments, Concentrate 5 Alpharegulator 9E stabilizes the activity of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase (sometimes involved in baldness) and returns the hair follicle in equilibrium. Alpharegul capsules, made ​​of natural plant material, also act on the 5 alpha reductase and greatly reduce hair loss. Moreover, it is the first capsule recognized by laboratory tests to be as efficient (88% efficiency). Thus the use Alpharegul 's is a good means of prevention, without significant side effects.

Other prevention programs giving also the possibility to prevent baldness are also available at the hair loss clinic of St-Quentin. Whether it is shampoos, concentrates or pills, these products nourish your hair, ensure the balance, purify, remove dead skin cells by exfoliating or activate the microcirculation. For example, the 18th 5-Alpharegulator Shampoo is made from plant extracts that affect hair growth, purify them and even have an anti-inflammatory effect. The capillary center of St-Quentin also offers tablets of L'Aliment de Vie du Cheveu, perfect for tired hair and seborrhea at large, it is a program of nutritional prevention which greatly reduces the risk of baldness