Natural hair replacement for women

At St-Quentin capillary clinic, women can find the perfect aesthetic solution to their alopecia problem. Natural hair substitutes for women, or "Volum'contact for women" are in fact the ideal method for those who wish to find back hair authentic appearance. The net used by the capillary experts of St-Quentin center is not visible to the naked eye to incorporate hair substitutes, nobody around you will notice it's not your real hair. Moreover, as the all-natural hair added intermingle with those you already have, the hair seems really natural. Yourself can forget, it very easily because of the lightness and pleasant sensation to touch of your natural hair replacement.

FEATURES natural substitute

Substitutes for natural hair for women offered at St-Quentin capillary center have many unique features that make it the ideal solution for thinning hair. First of all, there is the very thin mesh base that weighs almost nothing on which the implantation is done. The authenticity of hair replacement (human hair) especially of women, treated to preserve their healthy appearance for a long time is another specificity of this method. The edge of the front is perfectly natural, the scalp is well ventilated and hair replacements are interwoven with existing ones, giving among other flexibility and movement to the hair.