Hair condition analysis

Since a few time, you are worried by the condition of your hair. You have already tried various treatments that have not produce the expected results. Now if you are looking for a customized solution that will ensure the desired effects, your best option is to meet with our specialists at Norgil St-Quentin. With us, you will receive a careful listening to your problems and needs, and a hair analysis will be performed with an equipment at the cutting edge of the technology.

The capillary specialist of the St-Quentin center will meet with you for an hour to get the most information as possible about your hair problem. He will conduct an analysis of your hair using tests that seem most appropriate for your hair, based on your specific condition; for example, it could be a capilloscopy, a densitometry or capillary mapping. These steps will enable our expert to get an accurate diagnosis of your problem and to identify, the best possible solution. If major problems, for example if your hair fall is very abundant, you should take care of it quickly. Indeed, in such a case, the life cycle of the hair is accelerating and the capital of these cycles could totally exhausted.

Also, you can check with our hair expert at St-Quentin center how your hair are important to you. Throughout treatment, the patient's motivation is essential for success.