Baldness Correction

The capillary clinic Norgil St-Quentin has a new technique of baldness correction born of research of the best experts in the baldness field. Through the integration of hair, men can regain their natural hair and change their hairstyle according as they wish. This approach completely invisible is the result of two particularly innovative techniques. First, completely natural human hair are joined without any node to a very thin membrane. Second, the membrane is attached to the scalp to achieve a whole hair structure that looks completely merged and inseparable. During the treatment, which is completely safe, you feel no pain.

Once this baldness correction by hair integration is over, our experts of St-Quentin 's capillary center will achieve the hairstyle you want, exactly as an hairdresser! At each subsequent visit, you can change the appearance of your hair according to your taste and fashion, by getting long or short hair with more or less volume and wearing any side. Baldness will be but just a bad memory, and your hair will always be perfect!

Come visit us at the hair clinic of St-Quentin. We can make the correction of your baldness by integrating hair progressively so the changes will have no impact on your social entourage. In addition, only Norgil trademark is used; we can also show you the identification acronyms of the various products used for your baldness correction by integration.