Alternative to hair transplant for man

The Norgil capillary clinic of St-Quentin has many alternatives to hair transplantation for man with baldness problem. One of the latest discoveries, the hair of contact for men is part of what could be described as avant-garde treatments. With this technique, you are not required to have a voluminous hair so that we do not notice that you suffer from baldness. Nothing it seems, even with very little hair! You can wear the desired hairstyle, depending on the style that suits you, and your age.

Alternative imperceptible to the eye

The specialized capillary center of St-Quentin mainly use this approach when baldness is already installed. Indeed, this alternative to hair transplantation allows men to regain hair rather clear, with thin to medium hair volume. To do this, the basis of integration used is not visible to the naked eye, while the scalp is, however, clearly visible. In addition, the line of hair on the top of the forehead seems quite normal, as with real hair.

Specialists of alternative integration

At the capillary St-Quentin clinic, we guarantee you that this alternative to hair transplant for men will give you complete satisfaction. Firstly, only recognized Norgil products are used to perform the installation. Secondly, our specialists will meet your specific needs, allowing you to display the desired hairstyle and make you forget your baldness forever